QA Butler

Pre Call
Call Control/ Rapport
Pitch / Optimize
Admin Work

Set up Bluejeans

Read notes from previous calls

Open up their Business Manager

Open up relevant ad accounts

Find relevant hook involving 1 optimization and 1 pitch

Have Intent

Call Disclosure

Introduce yourself, role, and ME program

Confirm Decision Maker ask to be connected to DM. Have Dm confirm ad account info.

Confirm contant info

Set an agenda with desired outcomes for the call

Confirm Budget or changes to budget

What are advertiser's main KPI's?

Demonstrate adequate call preparation referencing previous performance, research, or a relevant hook.

Review current advertising strategies or revisit previous strategies. Results from previous campaigns

Restate questions, issues / statements to confirm understanding

Offer an optimization, product, or solution relevant to the client's needs.

Communicate the recommendation in a clear, thorough, and accurate manner.

Confirm advertiser understood the solution/recommendation found it acceptable.

Address all of the advertiser's questions correctly Results from previous campaigns

Ask if there was anything else they could help with.

Provide a summary or recap reinforcing key points from the call.

Confirm the links/resources you will send.

Confirm next steps/ask the advertiser for an appropriate follow up interaction based on the opportunity.

Properly close the conversation in a friendly manner.

Match the advertiser's level of expertise with language and behavior.

Build rapport, express empathy, humanize yourself, to not sound robotic.

Manage an appropriate pace and call flow./ Demonstrate call control

Sarting your thoughts/responses in a logical sequence/Keeping the call on track.

Use Bluejeans to screenshare when appropriate.

Ask for the proper contact information in Salesforce and CRM.

Include a proper greeting/statement w/ advertiser's name/ reason for email.

Email consists of a relevant template or email that was appropriately customized (so as not to sound robotic).

Include a summary of the previous interaction

Follow up on all commitments made

Provide additional resource links or attachments in the emails

Use proper grammar, spelling, and syntax in the email communication

Log Client Interactions in CRM

Log the corresponding call with the correct task code and stage the opportunity correctly in Salesforce.

Follow all team policies for use of Salesforce.

Leave detailed notes summarizing the call in all appropriate places, per team guidelines


Follow Up Call